ATEX Tablet EX-TB14

The explosion-proof tablet with unlimited possibilities


Here it is: the Rough Pro ATEX TABLET EX-TB14. This explosion-proof rugged tablet will make your heart go boom. It’s the toughest device you’ll find, offering numerous possibilities and functioning in the harshest circumstances.

The explosion proof EX-TB14 tablet is fully ATEX and IECEx certified. It’s highly versatile, featuring Dual SIM Quad Band, seamless data exchange, Bluetooth and much more. All of these high-tech features are combined in a rugged tablet that is ideal for hazardous areas.

EX-TB14 features



Our ATEX TABLET EX-TB14 isn’t only explosion proof: it’s also waterproof. You can easily immerse it in water at 1.2 meters depth, even for 40 minutes. It’s ideal for work in humid or hazardous areas. Think only of the possibilities in the petrochemical industry, the gas and oil industry and many other sectors.

 Explosion proof & rugged

Our EX-TB14 tablet is 100% ATEX and IECEx certified. This makes it fit for working in environments with an explosive atmosphere. Like other Rough Pro devices, it is also MIL-STD-810G certified, living up to US military standards. Its explosion proof qualities make it the right tool for a wide range of activities in hazardous areas.

 Solid connections

The Rough Pro ATEX EX-TB14 tablet ensures you’re always connected. You can manage your data traffic via mobile networks or WIFI. Moreover, this explosion-proof tablet’s Dual SIM Quad Band makes smart roaming possible. Voice and data connections can run in parallel, and Bluetooth connectivity makes lots of extras possible: helmet communication, LEL meter, heart rate monitor – you name it.


The ATEX EX-TB14 tablet runs on Android. It’s the many-sided operating system that enables many applications: from compass to track & trace, man down and more … You’ll be surprised by the countless technological possibilities of this explosion-proof tablet.

 The clearest images

The ATEX EX-TB14 is equipped with an 8 Megapixel Camera. You’ll enjoy High Resolution photography and streaming video applications.
However, some work environments don’t allow camera’s… We fully appreciate this choice by making the device available in a “No Camera” version.

 Fit for your IT systems

The ATEX tablet EX-TB14 fits right into your company’s IT infrastructure. This explosion-proof tablet runs applications that are specifically tailored to your activities, thanks to RMDS (Remote Device Management Solution).